NCCR is located in Delsbo in the Swedish Hälsingland, 350km north of Stockholm.  The company was founded in 2006 and is driven by motorcycle enthusiasts who think that you should live for that what you do in your daily profession. We are a small team, Birgit & Jens Krüper and Pär Swedin ride and race motorcycles since the 80’s and with Julia, Jens and Birgit’s daughter, is since 2016 the second generation now entering the company, bringing in new ideas and skills.

After years of engagement in vintage bike restorations, Birgitta and Jens got in the 90’s, when they lived in Germany, the first contact with Erik Buell’s Harley-Davidson powered Sportbikes. Their first Buell was a 1991 RSS single seater, what is today converted into a Turbobike. In 1999 Jens founded together with his wife Birgitta the company Hillbilly-Motors, who turned to into one of the leading sources for Buell after market parts and stood for iconic bikes like the Hellbender. The business was sold in 2005 and the family was moving to Sweden.

Various race activities over the years in road racing, in the last decade with Buell race bikes, including the development of the Twincarburator “Thors Hammer” Roadracer (Thunder B.E.A.R.S Champion 2007) and on the dragstrip with rider Stefan Graf on the M-Tek powered HD Sportster (Harley modified Champion GER/NL 2008), give NCCR also a deeply understanding about Sportriders needs. In 2010 and 2011 we managed the with rider Harald Kitsch to 3 more Championships with the EBR (Erik Buell Racing) 1190RR Superbike.

In the turn of the year 2019/20 – just before the pandemic hit – NCCR was given the possibility to transfer the complete Splitlath Racing inventory alongside the WSBK bikes to Sweden. They have been in our showroom ever since (except one that was sold to Germany).

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