The Rules

Mission Statement

Preserve the history of EBR – Erik Buell Racing, save the heritage and make it accessible to the public with the donation of one or two EBR 1190 Racebikes to the Barber Motorsports Museum, funded by the Buell community.

CORRECTION as of February 28th 2024:

NCCR scaled it down to 250 raffle slots and the initial full amount of the 100 prizes will be raffled out, including the EBR 1190RS #93. No bike will be donated to the Barber Museum, unfortunately. The raffle will be drawn when the last slot is sold.

See old rules from October 2023:

There will only be one bike (Splitlath Motorsport EBR 1190 RS, IOMTT ex Mark Miller) donated to Barber Motorsport Museum and ONLY if 500 slots are sold by February 29th 2024. Then the raffle will hold the #93 bike and 49 other prizes plus a brand new RS engine we decided to add to the pot as encouragement.
If at least 300 (but less than 500) slots are sold by then, you can still win the #93 bike and 49 prizes, but the IOMTT bike will not be donated to Barber (and you can’t win the additional RS engine).
If less than 300 slots are sold, only the remaining 49 prizes will be raffled out.

The deadline is February 29th 2024 in order to have a chance to ship the IOMTT bike to Barber’s MotoAmerica event in May 2024.


See old rules below:

There will be TWO raffles held by NCCR AB, Knaggälve 114, 82473 Delsbo/Sweden.

The Bikes what should be donated to Barber Collection are the Splitlath Motorsport EBR 1190 RS, IOMTT ex Mark Miller (FIRST Raffle) and the Factory EBR 1190RX WSBK, HERO ex Niccolò Canepa (SECOND Raffle).

NOTICE, because of the slow sales in the beginning of the original raffle, we decided to do some modifications regarding the bikes being donated to the Barber Museum and the number of minimum participants in the raffle (originally it was 1.500, now it’s reduced to 2 raffles à 500 participants, what gives you a 3 times better chance to win the first prize in each raffle). For the transparency, here is the link to the original rules when the BringTheBikesHome project started.

FIRST Raffle (500 tickets)

Donation to the Barber Motorsport Museum: Splitlath Motorsport EBR 1190 RS, IOMTT ex Mark Miller

The basis of the donation is, that in total 500 Packages (Available: 500x BTBH Package ONE, 500x BTBH Package TWO, 500x Package THREE) are SOLD.

The purchaser of the first in total 500 sold packages participate in a raffle under Swedish law with in total 50 prizes. First prize is the Splitlath EBR 1190 RS Racebike #93, last time used by Shelina Moreda. Further info about the bike and the other 49 prizes you find here. The drawing will take place in Sweden in public under independent observation 14 days after the last of the 500 packages is sold (exact time and place will be announced).
Each poster is marked with an individual number, available as long they last:
– Poster Number 1-499 in the BTBH Package ONE
– Poster Number 500-999 in the BTBH Package TWO
– Poster Number 1000-1500 in BTBH Package THREE

The sales will be closed when a total of 500 packages are sold (independent of package number). These individual poster numbers participate in the drawing, each can win only 1 time. The first prize (Price Nr. 1 – EBR 1190 RS Racebike) will be drawn first with all 500 numbers participating to give all participants the chance for a win. From there the further drawing of the prizes follow the list shown here, Price Nr. 2, Price Nr. 3 and so on to Price Nr. 50.

The participant of a win is the person who purchased the BTBH Package or the person the original purchaser informed us should be the participant.

All winners will be notified by email and should take their win within 3 months by personal pick up or by organizing a courier pick-up. Packaging will be provided by NCCR for free. Any costs for transport, insurance, import taxes or any other duties are not included in the raffle and need to be paid by the winner. There might appear national or local taxes or duties for a raffle win in your home country, these costs are solely to pay from the winner.

In case 500 packages do not get sold or any other not to foresee circumstances, NCCR reserve the right to withdraw from the obligation to donate the bike to the Barber Collection, cancel the raffle partly or completely or reduce the donation to the museum.

In this case, NCCR refunds to the original purchaser of the BTBH packages 50% of the paid article price. The purchaser of course keeps the poster and booklet. Transport costs or additional delivered merchandising purchases are not refundable.

No cash disbursement and/or a replacement of the prizes is possible, recourse to the courts is not permitted, but in case of any dispute, court of jurisdiction is Hudiksvall / Sweden. 


SECOND Raffle (500 tickets)
Availability will be announced after the FIRST Raffle is sold out!

Donation to the Barber Motorsport Museum: Factory EBR 1190RX WSBK, HERO ex Nicolò Canepa

The first prize (Price Nr. 1 – EBR 1190 RS Racebike, FUN88) will be drawn first with all 500 numbers participating to give all participants the chance for a win. From there on the further prizes will be drawn after the list shown on the website, Price Nr. 2, Price Nr. 3 and so on to Price Nr. 50.
Details like FIRST raffle, see above

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