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You want to give back to the Buell/EBR community, but don't really know how to?

Help us at NCCR Sweden to donate one of the most prestigious EBR Racing bikes to the Barber Motorsport Museum! Becoming a supporter is super easy and not only will you receive a strictly limited poster with accompanying booklet, but you will also automatically be part of a raffle. Easily the best raffle the EBR world has ever seen.
A total of 100 prizes – that is ONE HUNDRED – consisting of WSBK/Splitlath Racing parts, memorabilia sculptures, and genuine Splitlath team wear. 

And the #1 prizes you ask?

You have the chance to become the proud owner of the Splitlath Racing EBR 1190RS #93 – race ready. Now that’s quite the prize, isn’t it?

This bike was raced by Splitlath Motorsport from 2013 on at the Isle of Man TT, Macau and in China. It was raced there for the last time by Shelina Moreda who made it to the podium at the Chinese Pan Delta Superbike Meeting. It has since been kept in pristine and race-ready condition.
You can read all about this and the other bikes in the tech specs.

We have changed the raffle rules for one last time. 250 sold slots and we’ll raffle out the #93 bikes, but the IOMTT bike will not go to Barber. That is 250 sold however long it takes. However, we will continue working on it to get some of the legendary EBR racebikes on display at Barber or other museums. Thank you all for your support and patience.

The Raffle has been drawn. Did I win something?

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Finally! We will contact the winners regarding the shipping of the prizes. We designed a nice certificate and 3D-printed the logo to add to all textiles the holographic sticker. Have a look into your email the next days!

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