It's on! But what is "IT" exactly?

Originally, we at NCCR Sweden had decided to contribute to the amazing Buell/EBR collection at Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama (USA). It should’ve been the Splitlath Racing IOMTT bike ridden by Mark Miller (if 500 slots are sold), see the tech specs if you like.

But we needed the help of you guys to make it happen. But of course, we don’t wanted you to go empty handed – so the raffle entails a total of 100 cool/unique prizes for you guys. When the 250 slots are sold, we raffle out the #1 prize, a Splitlath EBR 1190 RS #93 race-ready for you to take home and admire.

Because the participation was far below expectation, no bike will go to Barber as a result of this Raffle. However, we will continue working on it to get some of the legendary EBR racebikes on display at Barber or other museums. Thank you all for your support and patience.

How do you take part in this?

It’s pretty straight forward, actually! Just head over to our web shop and choose one or more of the Bring the Bikes Home packages. There’s 3 different ones, one inspired by each of the bikes we were sending to Barber (originally 3 bikes were going to Barber, but things change). You can buy as many packages as you like and each one grants you one entry into the raffle. More about the technicalities of the raffle, you can find in the rules.

What's in the package?

Each package comes with a beautiful poster – photography on the front and Artprint on the back, you can have a look at them here. On top of that, we put down months of work to put together an accompanying booklet filled with info, pictures and greetings from Erik Buell, Mark Miller and other high-profile EBR personalities. Now booklet may sound small, but it’s a 90 pages long softcover filled to the brim with knowledge, interviews and pictures. Have a sneak peak inside of it here.

Once you’ve become a supporter of this noble cause, your name will be shown on this website and hopefully also on a sign at the Barber Motorsports Museum alongside the bike. Unless you want to remain anonymous – we’re not forcing anyone, right?

There’s also a possibility to donate to this cause and we’ve come up with a line of merchandise inspired by Bring the Bikes Home.

What else can I win?

What do i get for my money?

Why should i support this?