Most of the Buell Enthusiasts remember, it was the October 15th, 2009, when an obviously touched Erik Buell announced that Harley-Davidson, after 26 years of partnership, decided to cease the production in East Troy/Wisconsin and discontinue to build Buell Motorcycles.   
When one door closes, another is opening and it would not be Erik Buell if he would not have found another way to continue developing his lifelong dream, building the ultimate American Sportsbike.  

EBR -Erik Buell Racing was the name of the next chapter and after a lot of hard work, the jobs came back to 2799 Buell Drive in East Troy / Wisconsin. The EBR 1190 RS got announced in 2011, a dream in Carbon with a stunning new design, the finest components of the industry and a mechanical traction still unbeaten till today. The EBR 1190 RX and SX followed and got exported around the globe, Buell was back as an international Motorcycle Manufacturer. 
The years 2010 to 2015 at EBR were the peak of the American Sportsbike development with building the RS and the World Superbike. In Splitlath’s Road Racing on the Isle of Man and in Macau, the bike just started to show its potential and there is no doubt, that with 2 or 3 more years the concept of the EBR 1190 would have been good for great results.  
History decided to go another way, so it’s up you supporters and us at NCCR to conserve the heritage and make sure that we will also hear in the future the East Troy Twin roaring over race tracks in America, in Barber and around the world. 

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